Fibonacci Trading Robot – coming soon ….

FX Traders Corporation are developing an MT4 trading robot based on the strategies that they use with the Multi time frame grids. In theory if the robot can beat the consistency of the moderators in the Tiger Trade room then every customer will be able to make money without having to sit at a screen all day long.

Many traders (including myself) struggle to make consistent profit even if they have a profitable trading system because they make emotional trading decisions. Since the EA automatically enters and exits trades for you there are no emotions involved preventing you from making those mistakes.

EA-s are great if you don’t have the time to trade or if you would like to take advantage of the market 24 hrs a day.

How Will it Work?
The robot is designed with the same logic used by the tiger grid software to take action when the market conditions meet the correct criteria. This will be in accordance with standard trade set ups and trades that are called in the online trade room on a daily basis. The trades are mostly scalping ideas and therefore the EA is programmed to run with a very tight stop loss and small drawdown. This will have the effect of minimising the risk. The intention is to provide realistic consistent monthly returns whilst preserving clients capital.

The best part about the Robot is that it will be FREE To the Tiger Grids members
The Robot will be available FREE and exclusively only for full subscription members on application.

I understand that the Robot is in its final testing phase and is currently generating very profitable results which will be available for full scrutiny before the EA is released , hopefully in July 2011

If you are not a member yet , why not sign up now for a 2 week trial for just £1 This gives you access to a Trade Room that generates on average +2000 pips a month and sophisticated dynamic Fibonacci software used by professional traders.

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