Tiger Grid System Review


Forex Traders corporation provide a multi time frame grid and forex chart system that allows a trader to view price action on several (up to 9) time frames in one trading grid. The grid displays current price in relation to multiple fibonacci extensions and fibonacci retracement levels and also 5 moving averages all on one grid.This enables one to not only view price action on multiple time frames , but also across different currency pairs .

After viewing the exhaustive training material and watching many demonstration videos the users can then attend the live webinar trading room which is manned for about 6 hours a day with live “on mic” action where the moderators call trades and explain the price action and how it is presented by the Tiger grid software.

Users are also invited to post their own trade calls and questions into the fx room for comment or post trade analysis by the moderators, this is an extremely effective means of learning the software and often leads to lively discussions not to mention many pips being made in real time by most attendees. Losing trades are also handled by the moderators and the live demonstration of trade and money management really helps to inform the novice trader how to get out of “sticky” trades .

Their are various ways the grid patterns can be traded ranging from short term “bounce” trades where price bounces off an array of fibonacci bands that are lined up to form resistance or support , to longer term trend trades where the entry points are less well defined but the potential for large gains is much more possible.

The moderators also have their favourite ways to trade off the tiger grids, but there are enough of them to find someone that suites your particular trading style.

Trading Sessions cover from Pre London , the London open , UK morning , US open and afternoon trading. Some customers also logon thru the asian session when a remote moderator is able to help out with trading advice.

The most impressive thing about the tiger grids system is that is based on a monthly subscription. There are no upfront costs for software or datafeed. This means you can get started for as little as £1, you only carry on paying the monthly fee if you are happy with the results, so it is in the interest of all of the Tiger team to make sure you make money with their program. Needless to say they bend over backwards to make sure you do !

Overall then  I am happy to recommend the Tiger grids system as it combines effective grid and charting software with a friendly positive and supportive trading room.

I even post most of my trades there and will be willing to give you as much help and advice as I can ,

Why not give it a try ?

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